Kulturjob: Director of Photography wanted for experimental artistic film/ video installation
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Director of Photography wanted for experimental artistic film/ video installation 
Datum: 26.08.2022
Datum: 31.08.2022
Name Inserent/in:
Johanna Bruckner 
Über Inserent/in:
Johanna Bruckner (*1984) is an internationally exhibited artist. She mainly works with experimental film/ video, installation and performance. Her work responds to technological, social and biotechnical developments within the planet's global dynamics. Her multimedia practice questions the influences and transformations of algorithmically determined technologies in the tension between post-digital intimacy and social justice. The human body is central to her works, illustrating the conflict between affirmation and resistance, between becoming a machine and posthuman existence. Following on from her earlier work, the planned work will question intimacy, heat, energy, vulnerability and its bodies in times of technology. More precisely, the upcoming video installation will investigate organ transplants, exploring a medical time of the non-binary, the queer, the intangible.
More informations: https://johannabruckner.com
Beschreibung der Tätigkeit:
She is looking for a Director of Photography for the realization of her artistic video project.

- highly experimental cinematography and pictorial design
- experience in working with as well as openness to engage with performers on set
- interest in working on a video installation around Bruckner’s research interests
- production dates: presumably 2-3 days, between the 27th and 31st of August, 2022 / Vienna; and possibly one more during autumn / winter.

Freelance; Fee on agreement

For applying to the position, please send your CV + work samples / portfolio to studioassistance.jb@gmail.com
Technik (allg.)
Der oder die Kandidat*in muss nicht wohnhaft in Österreich sein, sollte aber in Europa leben.

The right candidate mustn't necessarily live in Austria, but should be based in Europe.
PLZ: 1050
Ort: Wien
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